[CLOSED] Python/Django Backend Developer

Logicify opens a non-remote Python/Django Backend Developer vacancy in Kherson, Ukraine. This is a non-remote position

We look for various seniority levels, both beginners and experienced. After the on-boarding we will compose a training plan to build and enhance your professional and personal skills. Please find the details below or fill in the form.

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Why is this vacancy open?

This is simple - we are growing. We've recently been getting significantly more projects than we have people who can make them, so that we started to miss quite interesting opportunities.


We love and follow value-centic approach to work. That's why we respect and appreciate those who can not simply code, but rather bring additional value to both customer and the team. It means that along with self-evident direct back-end Web developent using Python/Django,  we appreciate and try developing such skills as:

  • Interaction with the team and customer. You should be able to specify and challenge the requirements, suggest their changes,  defend your point of view, be active in taking technical decisions in the project.
  • Reasonable level of independency.  It is good when you can identify a problem. It's even better to suggest solutions. Yet the best option is to agree upon a solution with the team, discuss it with the customer and finalize the steps.
  • Will to learn, develop and work on yourself. This is a must to become a real professional. We just need you to strive for learning and will provide you with proper conditions. In your project, you will work under a tech lead supervision with the regular feedback and code review. And even more- apart from the project, you can attend our English lessons, take Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, edX courses, participate in the regular performance review process and mentorship for newbies.
  • Adequacy and directness are greatly appreciated. If you believe something goes wrong, argue reasonably.

Required Skills

  • At least Pre-Intermediate English

  • Computer Science

    • Algorithms and data structures: You must know common data structures and algorithms (at least that they are out there), select and apply to the given situation, and evaluate algorithm complexity.

    • OOP and Patterns: You must understand what is SOLID, Domain Driven Design, IoC.  You must know how to use common patterns and design REST services.

  • Python \ Backend:

    • Good understanding of the language and its potential (generators, lambda, decorators, etc.). Practical Python development experience is required.

    • Understanding of language peculiarities and environment runtime (types, multiple threads, etc.).

    • You can write typed code and understand why it helps in the development. You can use types as an effective tool to describe a domain area.

    • Frameworks: We appreaciate your experience and understanding of how Django Framework, Celery, and Django Rest Framework work.

  • General IT skills and competencies

    • Client-server architecture. At least basic understanding of networks (dns, http, tcp).

    • Debug: Effective troubleshooting and using modern debug tools.

    • Refactoring.

    • Error processing: Application exeptions are handled competently and uniformly. You must know the difference between error flow and exception flow.

    • Code documentation.

    • You must know how to write extensible code.

    • You can break tasks into smaller units, provide planning and estimates.

    • You know how to use a version control system and understand how to interact with a repository when working with your team.

    • You can read and understand code of other people.


At Logicify, we differentiate by being involved - both in our clients' issues and in our people. In exchange for your time, we offer:

Grow up


  • Personalised improvement plan, updated every 6 months.
  • On-site English courses.
  • Regular tech talks and discussions.
  • Open culture: achievements are appreciated, achievements over your role is a clear way to success.


  • Competitive compensation - similar to the outsourcing companies market, depending on the interview and your level.
  • Compensation review is tied to your growth and improvement.
  • Tax benefits and compensations + service.


  • Office space and air. A lot of it. As of now, we have 25+ sq.m per person - the size of a studio flat.
  • 24hr accessible office.
  • On-site gym, shower (hello bikers), kitchen. Coffee and tea.
  • Multiple meeting rooms available for calls and discussions.
  • A parking space and safe haven for your bicycle.


  • Open and interesting community. Easy to make friends, open atmosphere, new thoughts are welcome.
  • Access to advices: You need it - you ask for it. People around will help.


  • Paid sick days.
  • Work from home when needed.
  • Paid time off allowance.

How We Work

After the onboarding and probation period, you will be assigned to one of our multidisciplinary teams. They work towards our clients’ success by creating software products. The typical team size would be 2 to 8 people, with some local colleagues, and some remote - most likely, engineers and management from the client’s side. There are different roles - engineers solving problems by creating code, UI and UX designers creating working and beautiful interfaces, Quality Assurance engineers ensuring the result is good and project managers coaching, helping and gluing the process.

Everyone is transparent and visible on the team - we normally run daily standup calls with our clients, and we encourage direct communication. It is great because you can talk to people abroad and build friendly relationships. Sometimes we travel abroad and visit our clients, sometimes they visit us here in Kherson.

We don’t have hard working hours - whatever you and colleagues and the client are up to will shape the daily schedule. Some people tend to appear at 8 am, some at 1 pm. We don’t control your time, as soon as your tasks are completed and the team is happy, things are good. If situation demands that you stay at home - you can stay at home. Surely the sick days and vacation is yours as well.

As a company, we differentiate by being involved and sane. We care about what the client needs and what real business problem they solve. We also care about Logicify people - we do not like overworks and only offer them in critical cases and the last choice is yours. We want you to grow atop your head, and we have bootstrapped a process for continuous improvement for everyone. We are a flat organisation - all the management is directly and easily accessible and all talks are welcome.

On the software side of things, we maintain high level of engineering culture: we use source control, automated builds, continuous delivery and containers, automate what can be automated, use automatic and unit tests. The company is built and run by engineers, not by sales people. There is a crowd to share your achievement and ask for help.

How to Apply?

The application process is simple:

  1. Apply online by filling in the form below.
  2. Within a week, you will get an email or call with an invitation to the interview or a decline with some career/training advice if this is no match.
  3. There might be a small test task (a couple of hours) in case you do not have a portfolio available.
  4. A personal interview, up to 1 hour:
    • Questions to check the general knowledge of a Web development ecosystem;
    • An algorithmic challenge.
    • Design and architecture questions: ‘What would you do if…’
    • You will have a chance to ask your own questions.
  5. We will let you know the decision within a week from the interview and either will ask you in for an offer or explain why it did not work out.
  6. You would start with a 1 to 2 months trial period to see if there is a match between us. Full compensation and short notice period are applied. During the trial period, you would most likely work on the internal projects.
  7. Please find the application form below. Good luck and look forward to seeing you soon!

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