Logicify Personal Development

People is our most valuable business asset. They drive us to success and also spread corporate culture and company values. At Logicify, we value broad-minded employees with a wide array of skills, so we take their professional development seriously. To promote it, we documented, piloted, and refined a framework for personal development of every employee.

Why we do this?

Permanent professional development is a win-win strategy for the company and its employees.
As a vendor, we can deliver greater scope of quality services to our clients if our staff is experienced and skilled. Our engineers, on the other hand, get motivation and promotions because we regularly track their progress.

Benefits for Logicify

  • We keep abreast of our staff performance
  • We deliver services of higher quality to our clients
  • We expand the range of roles our in-house engineers can target
  • We open up new technical horizons and business perspectives

Benefits for Employees

  • You become an all-round professional
  • You stay in step with IT trends and new technologies
  • You get involved in cool projects
  • You expand the range of roles you can target in the company and on the market

To promote professional development, we have dozens of educational materials for engineers and managers to upgrade both hard and soft skills. We buy hard copies of books on our profiling tech stack and management practices. We have corporate English classes and regular Logicify Talks - internal presentations of new technologies and IT trends.

Plus, we have a smart and smooth procedures for performance review and personal development of every employee.

How This Works

The key figure to get the process rolling is the employee, of course. Other participants of performance review are his/her current and previous projects’ Manager and Technical lead, and Logicify Employee Development Manager.

Project manager and Technical lead fill in a form to provide feedback to the employee, indicate his/her strengths & weaknesses, successes & failures, along with potential areas of growth. In a similar form, the employee reflects on his/her achievements and announces the desired growth path for future.
During a regular meeting (semi-annually for every employee), all participants provide technical and non-technical feedback to the employee: how well he/she had been performing in the prior period and whether he/she had mastered new skills. The outcomes of such meetings are aggregated.

We strive to provide feedback according to BOOST model, so it is as Balanced, Objective, Observant, Specific, and Timely as possible. This model has proven to reveal specific performance issues before they escalate into major problems.

After the meeting, the employee is given an individually-tailored development plan: a list of skills he/she has to gain or improve within a set time-frame + specific tasks, e.g. complete an online course, improve English proficiency, master a new technology, conduct a demo for a client or give an internal talk. We do our best to mind SMART criteria when setting the objectives in personal development plans.

Sticking to this action plan helps us regularly review the performance of our engineers and streamline their continuous professional development.

It is worth becoming a part of Logicify team just to go through this awesome personal development process. Come join us!