[Closed] Lead Generation Executive for Logicify

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for your interest in the Lead Generation Executive position. This document contains instructions on how to apply.

Please check out our Careers page for other openings. 


Lead Generation Executive (LeadGen) is a part of the sales department. LeadGen is a first step to the Sales Representative. The time is split between the actual lead generation and learning English, Sales, Marketing and IT industry. Not less than a quarter of a time is dedicated to learning.

Lead generation is a process of primary search for the businesses who might be interested in Logicify services. It involves extensive use of the search engines, social networks, and directories to find these companies, record them into the database, find decision makers within these companies and their contact details. The goal is to create these client lists and then eventually set up sales meeting where we can present our services.

Additional information:

How to apply

Application happens via email. First, you would send out the email with your details to an address @Logicify, then, after the initial screening, we would either invite you for the phone screening or let you know it didn’t work out for any reason.

Since the job requires decent English skills, motivation, and attention to details (and that’s it basically), please be careful and accurate. We treat your email as a first screening task. This is also why the instructions are that verbose.

How to apply:

  1. Application email. Imagine you already are a Sales Representative writing to a prospective client. Requirements:
    1. Send an email to leadgen-hello@logicify.com.
    2. Copy message (CC) to copy@logicify.com
    3. Email should be in English
    4. Subject line should be: Lead Generation Executive: Your First Name Your Last Name
    5. Please include your phone number so that we can contact you for the phone screening.
    6. The cover letter should include (not limited by) following sections:
      1. A short paragraph about your background in IT
      2. A short paragraph about your background not in IT - all other industries. If you have any English certificates, please reference them here.
      3. A short paragraph about why you would like to apply.
      4. (optional) A short paragraph explaining what does Logicify do (your understanding)
    7. Please attach a copy of your recent CV with richer background details.
  2. General guidelines
    1. Please do not include your photo.
    2. Email should be no longer than 500 symbols. 
    3. Since we are going to bring on board several Lead Generation Execs, this might well be an ongoing vacancy.
  3. What happens next.
    1. Within a week, someone from Logicify will get back to you with either an offer to go through phone screening or a refusal note.
    2. If this does not happen, please follow up.

Good luck and we look forward to your applications! 

Kind regards,
Logicify team