[CLOSED] Internship Angular Frontend Developer

What is Internship?

Internship is an opportunity for you to improve your technical skills to the level applicable on real commercial projects and to get an offer.

We often find the level of technical skills of people responding to our vacancies insufficient to complete a high-quality test task or pass an interview. Sometimes this is due to a lack of fundamental knowledge, sometimes - experience, and occasionally - knowledge of specific technologies, for example, Python, Django or Angular. While we recommend obtaining basic knowledge independently, we can help with experience and specific technologies.

The internship program is held in the office of Logicify, lasting 2 months, 40 hours a week. The internship is paid - a small scholarship is assigned to the intern. We can also approve an individual schedule. During these two months you will have a mentor who will assign you tasks, help, suggest, and provide you with feedback. Unfortunately, since we are not an educational institution, we cannot teach theory as at the university or on courses. You will have to master it independently, and we will help with educational materials. The main focus during the internship will be on Angular, but we will also try to teach you how to use development and project management tools, show what is a culture of interaction within the team, tell about time management techniques, and even touch upon such trivial things as competent business correspondence and holding meetings.

Skills and Abilities

As mentioned above, there is a layer of fundamental knowledge that we cannot teach. We are ready to help junior candidates get their first practical experience, but won't teach the basics of programming or OOP from scratch. A good academic background is a must-have. Basic knowledge can be obtained from technical literature. You needn't understand all the peculiarities, but it is important to learn the basics of the chosen technology first. We expect that by applying for an internship, you will already have the following, at least theoretical knowledge / skills:

  • At least pre-intermediate English.
  • Understanding OOP and patterns.
  • General understanding of Web architechture and Internet: DNS, HTTP, TCP.
  • Algorithms and data structures:
    • Common data structures and alogorithms (at least definitions), ability to choose and apply them under given conditions.
    • Ability to evaluate algorithm comlexity.
  • Javascript: Experience of using, understanding the code execution features, ability to write clear and flexible code, good command and understanding of language constructs (for example, closures).

Nice to know:

  • Typescript: Experience of use, knowledge of syntax and capabilities, understanding how the transpiler works. The ability to write typed code, understanding why typed code helps in development, the ability to use types as an effective tool for describing a domain.
  • HTML \ CSS: Understanding how it works, what is semantic layout, what can and what cannot be done using HTML / CSS.

How We Work

After the onboarding and probation period, you will be assigned to one of our multidisciplinary teams. They work towards our clients’ success by creating software products. The typical team size would be 2 to 8 people, with some local colleagues, and some remote - most likely, engineers and management from the client’s side. There are different roles - engineers solving problems by creating code, UI and UX designers creating working and beautiful interfaces, Quality Assurance engineers ensuring the result is good and project managers coaching, helping and gluing the process.

Everyone is transparent and visible on the team - we normally run daily standup calls with our clients, and we encourage direct communication. It is great because you can talk to people abroad and build friendly relationships. Sometimes we travel abroad and visit our clients, sometimes they visit us here in Kherson.

We don’t have hard working hours - whatever you and colleagues and the client are up to will shape the daily schedule. Some people tend to appear at 8 am, some at 1 pm. We don’t control your time, as soon as your tasks are completed and the team is happy, things are good. If situation demands that you stay at home - you can stay at home. Surely the sick days and vacation is yours as well.

As a company, we differentiate by being involved and sane. We care about what the client needs and what real business problem they solve. We also care about Logicify people - we do not like overworks and only offer them in critical cases and the last choice is yours. We want you to grow atop your head, and we have bootstrapped a process for continuous improvement for everyone. We are a flat organisation - all the management is directly and easily accessible and all talks are welcome.

On the software side of things, we maintain high level of engineering culture: we use source control, automated builds, continuous delivery and containers, automate what can be automated, use automatic and unit tests. The company is built and run by engineers, not by sales people. There is a crowd to share your achievement and ask for help.

How is the Selection Done?

  1. If you respond to the opportunity, we will email you within a week.
  2. We will give you a small test task (for 1 - 3 hours, depending on your skills). If you complete it successfully, we will invite you for a personal interview. If you don't, we will provide feedback, explaining what was wrong.
  3. A personal interview (up to 60 min.)
  4. After the interview, we will contact you within the time limit discussed directly at the interview. As a rule, it is from one to three weeks.
  5. If you pass the interview, we will invite you to the office and negotiate the internship details.

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