Get a Free Advice on Startup Technology

In this free 30-minute call with both our seasoned CTO and Founder, you'll get:

  • Free review of your Technology Stack, choice of Hosting
  • Ideas on how to structure your work with tech providers
  • An assessment of your current product from the standpoint of tech evolution and survivability

Alex Cherednichenko

Founder and Startup Consultant & Logicify

Dmitry Berezovsky

Logicify CTO

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this, and why for free?

It is simple. We have accumulated some expertise in startups and startups technologies, and we are happy to share it. There are only 2 30-minute slots a week, so it is not hard for us. At the same time we can meet great founders and really make a change – and we believe that by doing good you are naturally drawing some good business!

We hope that some people of whom we could help, would get back to us with some business as well, but this is absolutely not a must.

What is next?

If we find it appropriate, we might offer a mitigation plan and a team to help you with it. In addition to software development Logicify offers as a primary service, we offer extended technical audit and consulting

Have you helped anyone in such a way?

We routinely do this during our sales process. Whenever we are working with founders on a possible project we are always sharing some ideas, insights, analysis of current situation, its risks and benefits – so we have been anyway doing this for a few years! 

If you seek for names, scroll below – there is 'Testimonials' section with real founders we have helped in a same way (no money involved), and also here is a link to Logicify Clutch profile with all the project we've bulit on a paid basis. 

Do you have qualification/experience to bring value?

Might be. If we don't, you'll be the first to learn about this. The world of tech consulting and tech startups is extremely diverse, that's what we have learned. Someone is building deep neural networks to command drone arrays in coordination, and someone is building a new slot booking tool – there is a niche for what we can do. 

Even if we are not able to help directly, Alex would use his access to an excellent network of Tech service companies in Ukraine, so you can get a direction about whom to speak, at least.

Won't you steal my idea?

Nope, we are in a service business and don't do startups. When we work with our clients, we always sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, if you feel like our relationship can grow into this one – just let us know beforehand and we'll organise. Althoug, there is a strong position that NDAs are not needed in startup world.

Success Stories

Alex and the team at Logicify not only understand tech really well, but also the business of startups

They know how to provide solid technical input that’s cognisant of the challenges that startups founders face every day - whether that’s in how to get to market quickly, or even in helping you test your fundamental business assumptions.

 It’s refreshing to have a tech outfit that’s just as interested in understanding your business as they are in selling you 

Henry Oakes
Co-Founder @ WeAreTrack

Dmitry & Alex were really professional in providing us important support, always responsive and available to brainstorm and competent in building simple analysis of complex tech issues

Eligio Ianetti
Founder & CEO at Respora

Please let us know if you require any additional provision before chatting.

We are happy to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if you are at a hidden secret stage, and we can also supply you with our own template of the NDA. Please communicate this beforehand: once you receive the booking confirmation email you can reply to it directly. 

Send out any background info you'd like to share beforehand – we are unlikely to review it before the chat but will have it at the ready at least!


Any questons? Reach to Alex via a [at] 


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