Platform for Preschool Education


The customer referred to us with a request to create a custom-built Web platform for pre-school education. The platform would have a centralized library with educational materials and allow for a configurable process of education, with teachers, parents and children working together in a single environment. It would create a shared space for kindergarten groups to learn together and for teachers and parents to communicate and share their experience.

The Project

Logicify started the project from scratch and applied fixed-scope approach for it. Initially, the platform was to be designed for distance learning, so we added functionality to allow users build own courses, enroll groups and communicate with their members via a messenger. Java was applied as a main stack for better scalability and maintainability. We used such frameworks as Apache Wicket, Spring, as well as Hibernate. The database was created using PostgreSQL on Tomcat server. Front-end was built using HTML/CSS technologies. 


Per the customer’ request, the project’s focus shifted to sharing content: arranging, publishing, and managing educational materials for teachers and parents. We introduced Brix, a Wicket-based CMS framework, to create the library and fill it with the relevant content. To ease navigation in the database, we used ElasticSearch for title- and full-text search per record types and pre-defined tags and faceted navigation for text and visual materials.



The project was publicly released in 2014. Currently the software is in use in many Russian elementary schools and kindergartens as a platform focused on inclusive education via distance learning, exchanging experience between educators and other children specialists, and thematic online webinars. It gave thousands of children with disabilities a chance to enroll in a traditional school and made a lifelong impact on their learning and future employment opportunities.