Platform for Preschool Education


The customer came to us with a request to create a custom-built Web platform for preschool education process. The platform would utilize the configurable process of education, having all the participants as users of the system, creating a space for kindergarten groups, children, teachers and parents to share and communicate.

The project

Since the project was a mixture of a Content Management System and custom application, we decided to use CMS as a library.

Java was used as a main stack for great scalability and maintainability.

The project was split into iterations; being a startup it had its ups and downs, the requirements were changing all the time reflecting the changing vision of the stakeholders.

Finally, the project was implemented and released to public.


Currently the software is in use in many Moscow and Russian elementary schools and kindergartens as a platform for exchanging experience, holding thematic webinars, and becoming more and more used by all the participants of the process.

Logicify is still providing support and slow on-going development of the project.