Marine Insurance Software Development

The customer

The customer is a European software-development-for-industries consortium, combining multiple companies in different areas to provide turnkey solutions for niche industries.

The challenge

The target application would have automated the process of decision making and evaluating individual contracts within the marine insurance clubs. The customer has reached us firstly with a request to provide assessment of the existing code base of the application. The issue was that, having undergone 3 years of development and a couple of releases, the application never worked the correct way, and did not reach the end user.

Moreover, it (the Legacy) was implemented in a scarcely-distributed Helma technology, and there were no service companies available on the market having the experience with these technologies.

After researching the technology, current product and status of the business intelligence, the decision was taken to hire Logicify for re-engineering of the current application. The main challenge was to raise the application to a high level of quality while making the implementation correct and supportable.

Another challenge was the total lack of the requirements and domain experts at early stages.

The solution

Logicify has formed a team of four engineers, quality engineer and a business analyst quickly, allowing for a robust start of the project. Business analyst and developers have spent some time to train themselves in the area of marine insurance. The implementation started in the widely-spread and used production-ready serving platform.

Given the team was the right one, plus it finally had an internal expertise, the deadlines were met and the product was finished in time.

Technologies and tools

The application itself is a classical Web-based application used everywhere nowadays. Since it is an intranet application, it allowed data-extensive exchange between client and server. With the requirements for the technology to be widespread in mind, the team designed and implemented the product based on the stack of Spring, Java, Apache Wicket, PostgreSQL.

The results

It was delivered properly and in time. The large addition to the correctly functioning software was the maintainable, modular, clean and commented code plus a large layer of BI recovered from the application and domain area during the re-implementation. The client is happy and seeking for their new customers.