Advanced Market Research tool for professionals

  1. Location: Ireland, Dublin
  2. Timeline: February 2017- ongoing
  3. Services: Design, UX/UI, Frontend, Backend, Deployment, QA, and ongoing support
  4. Team: 6

Project Description

Our client came to us with an idea of an application that would automate the most effective type of market research technique that can be conducted - Conjoing Analsys. Typically brands rely on market research firms to conduct this research on their behalf. They make it unnecessarily complicated, takes them too long to complete and they charge clients a fortune! Future EPIC conjoint analysis application proves this research can be done far more quickly and for a lot less money.

Main Challenges

Tight timeline: The project has an extremely serious requirement of short term to market - the first working MVP should have been delivered to end users in just under 3 months.
Specific skills required: The statistical core turned out to be a complicated solution specifically demanding for our engineers.


The team was formed with a math statistical inclination of the project in mind. Team’s previous synergic knowledge and education helped understand, design and develop tricky algorithms enabling automation of one of the most advanced market research techniques available. The fast pace and time to market were addressed with the application of short iterations and rapid prototyping. The designs followed a solid process of sketch - presentation of sketch - approval - delivery of a clickable interactive design prototype - implementation of the relevant feature in code. With this approach, the client was able to use artifacts of all the stages of the prototyping process for their own needs - demonstrate existing version of the product together with clickable designs of the missing parts to their prospective clients and investors.

Tech and tools

  • Python backend
  • Angular 2 frontend
  • R for statistical analysis core
  • PostgreSQL was used as a primary data storage.


Dedication: I have worked with IT teams in large corporate companies all my career and I can honestly say I have never met a team of individuals with such relentless dedication and passion to a single cause. This shows in there proactive challenging of the requirements and UI in a positive and constructive manner.

Skill set: Very quickly I had full confidence in each team member's technical skills. Given there is a strong element of statistical and maths underpinning the application I count myself very lucky a number of the team members bring high quality math qualifications to the table

Communications: Logicify's recommendation to use a mix of Hangouts, Slack and email has worked very well. The level of communication is so fluid, frequent and natural I feel at times I could be sitting amongst the team in Kherson.

Extra mile: Logicify has provided a dedicated Project Manager free of charge, who had knowledge of this form of market research from previous roles. It has provided the services of a front end engineer free of charge when the individual was available. It has provided the lead back end engineer pretty much on a full time basis even though it is stipulated half time in the contract.



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