Educational Communication Platform

The problem

The would-be customer found us by reference, and asked for a quotation of the small system development, which would engage students from different schools of different regions of world in communication, thus boosting their learning abilities and cultural experiences.

At the same time, since the minors would be the users of the system, strict requirements for security and data protection was forumlated.

The project

The requirements were a problemous issue, since there was need for ad-hoc generation of these. E.g. we could only form quite a basic vision, not the detailed specification, and then carry on with the flat team of developers, product owner (client's person this time) management etc, leveraging direct communication and early prototyping/demos to make sure the product meets what's needed.

Keeping in mind tight budget for the deployment and the startup itself, the app was deployed to the Heroku cloud hosting, allowing for great scalability when needed.


The product was started, students, teachers and parents across the entire world are using it to engage in communication to bring their English language level to a new degree.

New development phase is approaching.