In this article, we explain what an Upwork freelance agency looks like and define the type of projects worth hiring an agency for. 

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Freelance platforms are more and more popular these days. Large companies hire freelancers to extend in-house teams or close dev “holes” for short-term projects. Startup owners, however, are tempted by professional services, affordable prices, and flexible manner of cooperation with freelancers. is one of the most popular freelancing platforms globally. It connects businesses and independent professionals in different spheres. As of March 2017, Upwork reported 14 million users in 180 countries with $1B in annual freelancer billings.

At Upwork, business owners (further referred to as “clients”) could hire remote freelancers by posting a job offer and short-listing whoever applied. There is a transparent client ratings, portfolios and job success scores in every profile, so it is easy to find a candidate with the best skillset and qualification. When talking about software projects, clients search either for

  • individual freelancers for a simple and short-term engagement (e.g., adding a CMS page template or HTML/CSS layout)
  • or an Upwork agency team for a longer and more complicated software project.

The choice of a subcontractor depends on the project size, duration, and skills needed to complete it. More often than not, it is easier to hire a full-cycle development team than cherry-pick individual freelancers and force them work as if they are a team.

Logicify is registered as an Upwork agency, which means you can hire our Python/Django and Angular developers, quality assurance specialists, designers, and project managers for your project. Find us on the platform or contact us directly via the form below.

What Is Upwork Agency

Speaking Upwork language, an agency is a business that sells the services of multiple freelancers. Agencies range from small teams of a few members (e.g., UI/UX designer, front-end and back-end developers), to large companies with hundreds of full-time employees and decades of experience. Agency freelancers show in search results and list of proposals differently than independent freelancers, so a client could easily distinguish the two.

Upwork allows agencies to have a hierarchy of roles — apart from developers and admins who communicate directly with the client, there are people in charge of bidding, finance and back-office, whose work (in most cases) goes unnoticed to the clients.

Projects for Upwork Agency

Though this depends on many factors, including pros and cons of hiring an agency vs. individual freelancer at Upwork and individual preferences, we advise these projects are worth hiring an agency for.

  1. If this is the first ever software project for a client. Often, startuppers and early-stage business founders lack technical expertise/experience and simply do not know how to implement their business idea technology-wise. They have no idea about software development life cycle, tech stack choice, delivery process, so it is difficult for them to start.

  2. If the project promises to be large and complex, so it would most likely require a coordinated services of multiple freelancers with a similar skill set, and/or cooperation of multiple specialists in different areas (engineers, BA, QA and PM people, designers).

  3. If the project is long-term, so it requires careful planning and estimating; there would be multiple work streams and phases to manage; if the project demands the continuity of services, transparent replace and knowledge transfer when people are quitting.

  4. If the project may require future work phases, including extensive quality assurance, maintenance and support.

Agencies would also be a preferred option if a client does not have time, experience or capacity to manage the freelance team. More often than not, agencies at Upwork offer a higher level of service as compared to a team of individual freelancers. Agencies have an Admin or Manager, and all communication with the client goes through this person.


If you are looking for an Upwork agency, visit Logicify profile. We offer experience and expertise of our software engineers, quality assurance specialists, designers, and project managers. We use Upwork projects to gradually build trust with our customer and establish long-term relations with them. Our competitive advantage is that we do not simply write programming code but offer effective scalable digital solution that meet our clients’ business goals.

Get in touch with us via Upwork or using the form below if you have any development needs.

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