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How to Create a Custom Mautic Theme with Your Corporate Identity. Step-by-Step Guide by Logicify

If you ever struggled creating custom themes in Mautic using your favorite layout design tools, we are more than sure you’ll like this article. Here's how to add a new theme for your Mautic emails in just five simple steps.

Logicify Contributes to Open Source: Mautic Advanced Templates Bundle

We recently released an open-source bundle for an email marketing tool, Mautic. It allows greater flexibility in email templates and makes life of active Mautic users easier. Glad to share it with everyone today!

Apache JMeter: a Powerful Tool for Performance and Load Testing

Apache JMeter is one of the most popular open-source tools for performance and load testing. In this article, we shared a few Logicify best practices, tips and lifehacks to make testing with JMeter even more effective and indicative of a web app performance.

Logicify Office Dashboard

We continue with articles series titled “Logicify for Logicify” devoted to our internal projects and initiatives. Previous article described our crafted IoT solution for office weather monitoring. Today we’d like to talk about the project internally known as Logicify Office Dashboard.

Grafana as Yet Another Tool for Technical Monitoring of Software Products We Build

One more article in Logicify Monitoring Tools series talks about Grafana, a software we use both for internal and external projects to visualize and analyze the data. The article could be of interest to CTOs, developers and DevOps, system administrators and Project Managers, and everyone interested.

How to Craft a Connected Office Solution with Just a Soldering Iron and a Bit of Enthusiasm

Logicify CTO, Dmitry Berezovsky, introduced our solution for air quality control at a local software development conference earlier this year. We made some progress and enhancements since then. This post discusses how the solution was built phase by phase.

Graylog as a Tool for Technical Monitoring of Software Products We Build

This is the second article in “Logicify Monitoring Tools” series. It talks about Graylog, a software we use to manage the logs and analyze the data received from web applications. The article could be of interest to CTOs, developers and DevOps, system administrators and Project Managers. 

Logicify Double-Sided System of User Behavior and System Condition Monitoring

The aim of any software company (and Logicify is not an exception) is to deliver healthy and reliable products. While a product’s reliability and performance rely on the team of developers and QAs, what does the “health” of a product depend on?

Automated Markup Testing with Galen Framework

Overview of automated testing of the HTML + CSS code with a relatively new tool for adaptive design and cross-browser testing, Galen Framework, presented by Logicify QA specialist, Victoria Remnyova. The article presents general notions on the framework, its syntax, examples of a Galen-generated report and description of a few handy features quality assurance specialist could use.

IoT: How We Built Logicify Connected Office with a Soldering Iron (Slide Deck)

Logicify CTO, Dmitry Berezovsky, has given a talk at a local software development conference, IT-DAY Kherson 2018. The talk covered Logicify experience building a solution for air quality control in our office. We wanted to share his presentation and a few helpful resources, links to PCB design, and schematics we used to build a connected office at Logicify.