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Accessibility in Web Development: Practical Tips for UI/UX Designers and Content Editors

Equal opportunities for everyone offline and online are the 21st-century must. Web accessibility refers to a set of inclusive practices and guidelines to make interaction with any website possible and convenient for all people, including those with disabilities. In our previous article, we defined key principles and best practices for making a website accessible. Here are a few practical tips to achieve this.

Busting 5 Myths about OSS and Software Licenses

We discussed software licenses and gave a few tips for dealing with them in our previous article (check it out here if you missed it). This time, we decided to cover a few more intricate licensing questions, with the focus on free and open source software.

Software Licenses: Overview and Recommendations for Developers

Software licensing is quite a tangled tale for startupers, digital product owners, and (shhh!) sometimes to developers and project managers too. Let’s wade through license types, terms and permissions explained in normal-people speak. This article would also give you a few practical tips for dealing with licenses. They should be helpful to everyone involved in software development process.

Apache JMeter: a Powerful Tool for Performance and Load Testing

Apache JMeter is one of the most popular open-source tools for performance and load testing. In this article, we shared a few Logicify best practices, tips and lifehacks to make testing with JMeter even more effective and indicative of a web app performance.

Grafana as Yet Another Tool for Technical Monitoring of Software Products We Build

One more article in Logicify Monitoring Tools series talks about Grafana, a software we use both for internal and external projects to visualize and analyze the data. The article could be of interest to CTOs, developers and DevOps, system administrators and Project Managers, and everyone interested.

What Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace? Part 2: Our Takeaways and Recommendations

The first article in the series about marketplaces described how you could build one with a minimal features set. Now let’s have a closer look at further stages - maintaining and managing a marketplace - which are often overlooked or underestimated by business owners, and especially startupers. We still use Upwork.com, a global marketplace connecting service buyers and service providers, to showcase some best practices.

What Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace? Part 1: Definition, Features Set, Timing

We continue the series of “what does it cost to build” articles in our blog. We analyzed multiple platforms popular in the web today and shared our findings and takeaways on how to develop and maintain a marketplace. The first volume specifically focuses on the definition of a marketplace, its typical features set and timing to build it.

Logicify Best Practices for Knowledge Transfer Between Developers

We share our tips for knowledge transfer from software engineers to engineers. This article, we overlooked the cases when the knowledge should be shared with novices in IT industry, Quality Assurance specialists for testing or Technical Support for maintenance purposes. The tips are backed by our experience, so they could come in handy to CEO and CTO managing development teams - whether in-house, remote or both, for PM and software engineers.

Fail Fast or Pivot. On Importance of Collecting Feedback and Monitoring User Behavior

Love it or hate it, failure is an integral threat to any startup owner. “Fail fast,” they say, and some startups obey. For obvious economical reasons, investors and startup owners want the endeavour to fail at an early stage rather than at the final one. But what they struggle for when they start a business is to never fail at all. Easier said than done.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Agency vs. Individual Freelancer at Upwork.com

When hiring a freelance agency at Upwork.com, every client should evaluate advantages and disadvantages of this cooperation. The article lists benefits a client is likely to enjoy when working with an agency as well as the pitfalls to be aware of. It would be of interest to startup and business owners, CEOs and CTOs of larger companies and everyone who wants to learn more about Upwork.com.