May Tech Events in the Nordics

Andrew Mazur

We continue publishing our calendar of IT-related events in the Nordics. Here are some IT and startup events for May 2019.

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1. YEoS Summit 2019

  • When: May 3 - 5
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
  • How much: 376 - 483 USD
  • Description: Welcome to YEoS Summit 2019 - three days of inspiration, trend tension, workshops and feedback forums that fill you with energy and strengthen your network with new entrepreneurial friends who freely share insights, mistakes and successes. YEoS Summit brings together hundreds of Sweden's most driven young entrepreneurs under the age of 35 - company builders, community developers and people with driving forces far beyond the ordinary. It is here and now that they lay the foundations for the big companies of the future. This is where they create momentum.

2. #gbgtechweek

  • When: May 6 - 11
  • Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Do you want to know more about the Gothenburg startup community? Do you want to work or invest in a startup? Or do you want to take your startup to the next level? #gbgtechweek strives to make Gothenburg one of the best tech communities in the world! During one week, several diverse and inspiring events, covering the full range from tech to business, is hosted for the public in Gothenburg.

3. Get Started with the Business Plan and Make Your Own Budget!

  • When: May 14
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Seminar and workshop. Bring your computer! They will help you get started with a business plan and make a budget for your business. You will have the opportunity to work with your business plan / budget in place. Lena Bystrom from NyföretagarCentrum leads the seminar, which is free of charge.

4. Katapult Future Fest

  • When: May 14 - 16
  • Where: Oslo, Norway
  • How much: 702 - 1,286 USD
  • Description: Curious about the future? Passionate about technology? Interested in learning more about how your investments can have a positive impact on future society? Katapult Future Fest is a festival and conference unlike any other, connecting tech for good, and investments with positive impact. The unique festival experience includes: exploring global challenges together with 100+ speakers and experts, 24 talks & 10 panels to fully understand the changes around us, workshops for you to give back and dig deeper and 100 impact-tech startup pitches.

5. Denmark Demo Day

  • When: May 28
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Denmark Demo Day connects international investors with their Danish peers as well as the most promising pre-seed and seed stage Danish tech startups. This is your gateway to the flourishing Danish startup scene and a chance to meet directly with the local top-tier startups as well as the best Danish and international VCs and business angels.

1. Games Week Denmark

  • When: April 25 - May 7
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Games Week Denmark is a nationwide celebration of the Danish games industry, where game designers, programmers, graphic artists, business experts, gamers, and everybody in love with the interactive medium of games come together to meet, talk, learn, and share. Games Week Denmark gathers Nordic Game Jam, Spilprisen, CPH MatchUp, Digital Kids Today and more across the whole of Denmark.

2. Let's Shape the Future of IoT Together

  • When: May 3
  • Where: Taastrup, Denmark
  • How much: Free
  • Description: They're thrilled to launch a new Nordic IoT Accelerator and would like to invite you and other leading players in the IoT ecosystem for an exclusive session on how they can shape the future of IoT! You will get first-hand insight into the accelerator powered by inQvation & Accelerace including what opportunities are available to your company and how to get engaged. More over, they will share their experience on how corporates can collaborate with startups to drive innovation and growth in the field of IoT.

3. HEL Tech Meetup

  • When: May 6
  • Where: Helsinki, Finland
  • How much: Free
  • Description: If you're reading this, there (most likely) are enormous amounts of digital data associated with you. How is that data exactly handled and stored? How does cyber-security differ between individuals and companies? Wait, is it possible that the products you use contain serious security flaws that can be attacked?

4. Data Server Day 2019

  • When: May 9
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Did you know that Data Server Day is coming soon? This event is where you should be if you want to know more about the development of data storage, data quality and analysis of data. This year with an extra focus on the importance AI has today. Regardless of if you're a DBA, IT Manager, technician, business leader or just plain interested, this is the right place to be in to meet colleagues within the industry who share how they work with processes and tools in the field.

5. AWS Summit Stockholm 2019

  • When: May 22
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: AWS Summit Stockholm 2019 is bringing technologists together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. Whether you’re new to the cloud or an experienced user, you’ll learn something new at this immersive, free one-day event where art and technology converge. The event features global keynote announcements, networking, breakout sessions on the latest cloud technology topics, access to AWS experts, hands-on learning, and a solution expo.

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