December Tech Events in the Nordics

Andrew Mazur

We continue publishing our calendar of IT-related events held in the Nordics this year. Below please find some interesting IT and startup events for December 2018.

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  • When: December 3 - 5
  • Where: Helsinki, Finland
  • How much: 337 - 1,022 USD
  • Description: In the past 5 years, Slush has grown to become the leading venturing event in Europe. The investor-startup interface will continue to be at the very heart of Slush and a dimension that will keep evolving over the coming years. In 2017, a total of 1,600 investors participated in the event of which 29% were angels. The investors attended over 6,200 pre-booked meetings.

2. Legal aspects for startups

  • When: December 13
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Two things are true for 99% of founders: 1. They are short on cash! 2. The limited money they have, they prefer to spend on activities that generate revenue (and not on expensive lawyers). It is good to be cheap as a founder, but it often generates severe problems when startups haven't thought their legal setup through and/or have not gotten their agreements down on paper.

3. STHLM Lounge Hack

  • When: December 12
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Every Wednesday they lounge hack. Quite a few startups have spent their initial time on Lounge Hackers. Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Spotify, Magine, King and hackers from other amazing companies have all been there. The idea is to spend time every week on your own project or idea to make it real and at the same time meet new friends that either have the connections or the knowledge you need - also to be helpful and share your own knowledge.

4. Creative and Business Professionals Meetup

  • When: December 21
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
  • How much: 0 - 5 USD
  • Description: This is primarily a social event for creative and business professionals. Based on the idea of mingling like a singles event except for those seeking work and those seeking to hire.

5. Let´s talk business

  • When: December 21
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: If you have some idea and want to talk business, you are more than welcome to join. All ideas might have a potential. They will be more than happy to discuss, help and guide you in the process of business creation. Interested people in E-commerce and drop-shipment are especially welcome.

1. 2nd European Chaos Engineering Day

  • When: December 5
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: The goal of the workshop is to gather the European chaos engineering community. You will see great talks, learn about chaos engineering, advanced Devops technology and meet cool people.

2. CoderDojo - Programming for children and adolescents

  • When: December 11
  • Where: Helsingborg, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Bring your children between 7 and 17 years, bring your own computer to program together. Examples of what you can learn: Game development, Build Websites and Web Applications, Build games with Scratch (fits 7 years), Javascript, Own projects.

3. Global AI Bootcamp

  • When: December 15
  • Where: Malmo, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Welcome to the Global AI Bootcamp 2018, with Ashok Samal, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, and other great speakers. Be prepared for exciting presentations and demos about hot new technologies, including: The Microsoft way of doing AI, Popular AI toolsets, compute engines and methodologies, Machine Learning, Microsoft Bot Framework, Natural Language Understanding, Hololens.

4. Intro about Blockchain

  • When: December 11
  • Where: Norrmalm, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Blockchain is something most people have heard of in recent years, maybe on news or at any lecture. While it is a hot topic, the views differ strongly; Some see bitcoin as a currency for criminals, others mean it is the currency of the future. In the middle of the news flow, it may be difficult to get an overall picture of what blockchain is. Visit the Bitcoin Embassy in Stockholm to learn about Blockchain!

5. Azure Introductory Course: What do you need to know and how do you get started?

  • When: December 14
  • Where: Norrmalm, Sweden
  • How much: Free
  • Description: Are you curious about how to use cloud technology? In cooperation with Microsoft, Ironstone invites companies to a half-day introduction in Microsoft cloud technologies. They will focus on the business benefits of Microsoft Cloud. How can you best transform your business into a modern cloud platform, what challenges are common and what's the value of it? It will be a technical review of Azure; What is important to keep in mind, what mistakes is it common to commit and why is it so important to keep in mind from the start?

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