Logicify Becomes a Partner of Divio, the Django CMS Creator

Andrew Mazur

Logicify is now a partner of Divio, a company which provides Django-optimised hosting, templates and developer tools, trusted to serve over 350 million requests every month. Divio combines Django hosting, developer tools and pre-configured projects-including django CMS and Wagtail-into one platform that's backed by passionate support.  

At some point Logicify decided to refine our tech stack and selected Python/Django.

To further supplement our Python focus, we looked for a suitable content management system. Django CMS was a perfect match due to its security and easy integration with other software. It worked well for our multiple projects where we needed to create sophisticated Web sites and applications on top of them.

We've had some talks here and then with Divio, the company who actually develops and supports this CMS. At some point we realized that we share common tech philosophy.

Today we are proud to announce that Logicify becomes an official Divio's partner!

divio official partner badge

Now we have:

  1. An access to absolute top-tier Python/Django/Django CMS consultants in existence;
  2. Awesome co-marketing opportunities;
  3. Deeper access and preferential support to Divio hosting platform.

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