Education Technology companies survey

Good afternoon and thanks for visiting our survey page.

Although Logicify is mainly a software service company, not a research organisation, we are always learning the markets we live in. In research it is important to get the real data, so we have created this small survey page to gather some. It is completely anonymous and does not link to any of your personal or company data whatsover - in fact, we don't have any of it.

Research background

You have likely heard about the famous 'Crossing the Chasm' book outlining the scenarios of marketing and growing the high technology products. Geoffrey A. Moore in it defines a notion of a 'chasm' - a moment in hi-tec company life where it slows or completely ceases it growth, and finds objective arguments to back the concept.

There is another book, way less famous, reading which has triggered an idea to do our own little study - a data-driven 'Camels, Tigers, and Unicorns' by Uday Phadke and Shailendra Vyakarnam. It introduces multiple 'chasms' into company growth lifecycle, but more importantly, it bases its research on data rather than cases.

We wanted to verify the concepts and observed laws with the real Educational Technology market participants, especially startups, hence this survey form was created. The form is only a couple of questions long and should not take more than 60-90 seconds of your time.

Thank you very much for your effort! Happy to have a conversation over what we do via a [at]

Alex Cherednichenko, Head of Business Development and Marketing, Co-founder @ Logicify