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Logicify is a team of software engineers with a technical expertise in Education and Education Technology. Our involved approach is a competitive advantage: we partner with clients to understand the nature & challenges of their businesses. We create custom software solutions to address these challenges in an effective and transparent way. Our team works as a part of client’s own business with its value system and goals aligned.

We help large companies balance software development with R&D by either extending their existing tech teams or forming dedicated dev team for a project.
We assist startups with innovative decisions on digital products and market research. We also aid with advice and solutions to boost the software product’s value.

Facts About the Company

8 years in business
35+ projects completed
2 offices
$1M liability insurance
45 people in engineering
2-20 team size
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Our Expertise

We do not just write software products. We help businesses address their challenges using bespoke software designed and developed per their unique needs and preferences.
domain expertise
Market Research
Social Media & Entertainment

Technologies We Love the Most

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We Are Proud of the Network We Build

Over the years in the industry, we established a firm culture of cooperation with our customers. Rather then seeing them as mere employers, we partner with our clients in order to help address the challenges, nurture their business and grow together, thanks to the reliable and effective software applications we create. We love working with startups as, along with software services, we aid with advice and intelligent solutions. We share the interest and dedication with the shareholders and thus deliver great results.

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Logicify has been wonderful to work with for 3 main reasons: 1) the do great work, 2) in a very timely manner, 3) with a professional level of communication. On the quality of their work, they are smart, thoughtful good listeners, who make sure they understand the scope of a project at the outset. Their deliverables are therefore very close to what we anticipated at the outset. Along the way, they anticipate issues as they arise and either ask clarifying questions or deduce logical solutions themselves. Because they are well organized from the outset, the time from project initiation to completion is very quick. Importantly, when they say they will deliver something at a specific time/date, they always do. Logicify is professional in all communications, but flexible enough to adapt as our needs evolve.
Eli Halliwell
CEO, Hairstory
Eli Halliwell
CEO, Hairstory
I have rarely worked with such a strong team as the one I have worked with at Logicify. They do more than deliver a quality and stable product, they are always thinking about how to improve the software and ways to help the business grow. They treat my business like their own.
Torrance Robinson, CEO, Trovvit inc.
Torrance Robinson
CEO, trovvit inc.
Logicify team is a key part of our growth strategy. Very quickly, the team builds trust through their commitment to excellence and client dedication. We’re able to do more without additional overhead. They are a hidden gem!
Venkat Korvi
CEO, Betterfood inc.
Venkat Korvi
CEO, Betterfood inc.
Logicify has always focused on building out extremely high quality code. Routinely they have come up with the right solution for us and have successfully delivered consistent high quality code quickly.
Dave Milne
VP of Product, eChalk inc.
Dave Milne
VP of Product, eChalk inc.

Market Research self-service tool

The software tool is aimed at marketing professionals, who can create self-service market research and pricing surveys to help shape the product offering at its best. Logicify was involved as an implementation vendor and staffed a full team to create the software.

We formed the team in a short time and delivered a product to market in 3.5 months. We setup the agile Scrumban-like process within the team. This allowed to introduce changes as soon as they emerged from the user and UX research.



Everyone has a hair story. For some hair is a shield; for others it’s a beacon. Our relationship to our hair evolves as we do, but beauty companies ask us to focus on what goes wrong rather than right, adding fuel to our self-loathing. What if we could learn to love what we’ve been taught to hate? Hairstory products help liberate us from negative norms that limit the expression of innate beauty.

Logicify is involved in updating the customer reviews section and parts of the design on the e-commerce (products) page. We have provided Hairstory with a dedicated engineer, fluent in English, to perform updates to the website design and functionality from time to time.



Learning Management System

A Simple Solution for School Websites, LMS and Groups The only K-12 platform that brings school websites, learning management, and group collaboration tools together in one simple, organized online environment.

Logicify has a long history of great relationship with eChalk. We at Logicify formed a joint team some years ago to help our friends at eChalk go through platform change on the Learning Management System and continue to a richer integration with cloud services and enabling schoolchildren to experience more. The joint team consists of tech members (developers, QA, automation, business analysts and a project manger) at Logicify and Product and Design members from eChalk.



Student-centric, student-owned portfolio and networking tool

Trovvit mission is to help learners at every stage - from toddler to senior citizen - learn, save records of their work, share their passions and grow their network.

Logicify team was, and is, involved in creating the main application code and infrastructure, working in an agile manner over th rough bumps and pivots, wrapping the existing webapp into Cordova to turn it into the 'native' hybrid app on iOS and Android, and supporting all this.



Food preference platform for groups of people

LEARN employee food preferences, allergies, and dietary needs.
ORDER the right meals for team meetings and company events.
MEASURE employee food satisfaction and cost reduction.

Logicify created both the marketing website and the main web app from the ground up: from the skeleton to productionenvironment on AWS. The designs were supplied by an excellent Betterfood designer, and all the tech has been completed by Logicify team, including development process setup. 

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